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The most common cockroach species in the world are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. Cockroaches are often found in large numbers in residential homes, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, food processing facilities, and on board ships. Because they are nocturnal, they hide in dark, damp, and warm places, such as behind refrigerator motors, in, under, and behind kitchen cabinets, under skirting boards, in bathrooms, in cracks, and in pipe chases.



Recognize the cockroach infestation on time!
Cockroaches are nocturnal animals, active when it is dark. You can recognize an infestation by observing the following:


Upon identifying a cockroach infestation, contact De Ongedierte Expert.

During control, our service worker will perform a spray treatment or a gel treatment. The spray treatment will have an effect for 2 to 3 months, with the service worker spraying insecticides in places where cockroaches hide. In a gel treatment, the service worker will place gel plates in locations where cockroaches hide, with a duration of effectiveness of 6 to 8 months.

Cockroaches contaminate food and food supplies. They carry disease germs and leave an unpleasant odor.
One of our staff members will conduct an inspection, visually determining the hiding places of the cockroach
Once the control is completed, the service worker will provide advice to prevent new infestations. A consistent part of our service is providing a self-help kit, allowing for more effective control during periods when professional pest control is not feasible.

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