Maritime Disinfection Services



With Disinfection services you have to act on a serious note. Your health is important as well as the health of others. With more epidemics and infectious diseases emerging,this can be a serious public health problem arising, look at the current pandemic that is sweeping the world. With the professional disinfection of the accommodation areas on your ship you protect yourself and your crew against illness or contamination.

What to expect

What can you expect from our Maritime Disinfection Services:

There are currently different types of treatments for disinfection in order to prevent contamination. MDS works with disinfection by misting, this method consists of spreading fine particles that first float in the air to disinfect the air and then slowly descend on different surfaces to disinfect the surfaces.

About us

Throughout years of experience for controlling various microrganisms such asbacteria, fungi, and pests. We are confident to say we use right treatment for disinfecting your ship. MDS can be hired for surface disinfection, space disinfection, air disinfection and accommodation areas on board.


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