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In the span of one year, 2 mice can develop into a family of 1500-2200 mice. With a sufficient food supply, a mouse population can thus increase explosively.

Identifying Mouse Infestation

House mice primarily inhabit kitchens, insulation materials, and stored goods and materials. Mouse infestation can often be identified by:


Mice can spread bacteria and viruses through their saliva and droppings, such as the Leaky virus (a hantavirus) and Leptospirosis. This spread can occur rapidly as mice gnaw and traverse everywhere. It is crucial to discard nibbled or contaminated food immediately.


Mice cause various problems:

When a mouse infestation is identified, you can contact The Pest Expert by calling or sending an email.
One of our staff members will conduct an inspection, visually confirming the presence of mice and determining the causes. After this inspection, the extermination will take place.
During the extermination, the service worker will place bait stations where mice are present. Holes and crevices with visible mouse traces will be sealed with elastic exclusion paste.
Once the extermination is completed, the service worker will provide advice to prevent new infestations. A consistent part of our service is the provision of a self-help kit. This kit allows for more effective control during periods when extermination by a professional pest control expert is not possible.

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